EMDR & Hypnosis For Positive Change

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Customer Testimonials


 "I narrowly avoided two obviously unprofessional people before meeting Sara. She is empathic, disciplined and highly effective in her approach, and after 5 sessions my 7-year bout of insomnia is all but over. I can't recommend her highly enough."     Jo.         

''Highly recommend''  Jody

"Sara is a lovely therapist and it works"   Peter

"Really good, I would recommend hypnotherapy to anyone, it's helped me so much"  Sarah


"Sara is such a caring person. She came to my Granddaughter’s home to work on her needle phobia, so she could have a very important blood test done. It took two sessions, the second included meeting Charlie at the hospital where the previously impossible, became possible. One year on and Charlie needed another blood test and sailed through without fear! We cannot recommend this lady highly enough"